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Protection ONE GmbH 4 Days - 4 Places

In the days from April 24 to April 28, 2023, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our products of fire alarm technology and voice alarm systems to the experts from Protection One GmbH at a specially organized roadshow.

Our consultant Michael Cordes was supported by colleagues from the Detectomat team in the various branches. In this way, we were able to ensure that all questions were answered in detail and competently and that all information about the products and their performance features was available "at first hand".

After a short briefing and a personal introduction to each other, we went straight to the LIVE demonstration of the CON-Xnet network, with a fire alarm connection to a third-party system within the CON-Xnet structure. Visual indicators, display texts and operations on the external system connected via the CON-Xnet network were demonstrated in detail (Note: The CON-Xnet functionality will soon be presented with its own section on our website).

Other topics included the presentation of the SAA system MOSES with the individual system components of VA/PAand our service in supporting planning and project planning tasks. An entertaining day with a lot of content, which was over much too quickly.

At the end we were happy to hand over the Premium Partner Sign to Protection One GmbH and are looking forward to a good partnership and cooperation.


Many thanks to all involved!