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More is more!

Our flagship product, the DC3500, has received a facelift and now comes equipped with a brand-new high-resolution 7” touch display. To go with our motto of ‘More is more!’, as well as increasing the display size, we’ve enhanced the overall performance of the DC3500 to ensure it’s fit for the future.

The heart of the DC3500 now consists of a new CP 3500 EPC central processor with a 7” display and it has been equipped with a new CP 3500 IRC interface redundancy card, replacing the current LIM.

The highlight of the new VDS-certified display is that is can display LEDs in a virtual form. With a 1024 x 600 resolution, there’s enough room for 23 defined and 5 freely programmable status information options. Only the four signal LEDs for operation, alarm, fault and system fault remain analogue.

The existing 4.3” touch display has served us well since 2014, but will be replaced in 2023.


What does this mean for you?

VdS product approval (G-Number):

The functionality of both systems are identical as per EN 54-2 and the existing G-Number will remain. The new display, as well as the old display, along with all components remain subject to the current approval. Existing control panels can also be upgraded with the new display*.

Benefits for you: The full scope of the existing VdS system approval (S-Number) still applies, and there is no need to undergo a new certification process for the new system.

The part numbers will also change temporarily, but just for the DC3500 with the 4.3" display and just on the outer packaging. These changes are being made for the purpose of better identification and sales control of already-packed 4.3” and 7” systems. The part numbers will remain the same on the type plates on the housing, whether it’s the ML (33019) or the SL (33020) and whether it’s the 4.3” or 7” display.

Full control and maximum ease of use

The functionality of the renowned RCP 3500 PoE continues with the new RCP 3500 XS, which features the same design as the 7” touch display of the DC3500.

Power can be supplied to the RCP 3500 XS either via a 24 VDC connection from the control panel or via an external EN54-4 compliant power supply unit, meaning a PoE adapter is no longer required.

The two RCP versions are not compatible with one another.

The new RCP version is available from the end of Q3 2023

One system that speaks many languages

The DC3500 and the RCP 3500 XS are optimally prepared for international use in many countries; the user can easily change the display-language by touching soft-buttons in the menu.

We will also offer different language kits (stickers) for the labelling of the physical LEDs and virtual LEDs above and beside the 7” screens.

The language kit can be used for both new DC3500 and RCP 3500 XS versions. The language kits are currently under validation and will be available probably end Q3/2023.

Important note: All newly received orders for the 4.3” variants will be automatically converted to the new temporary part numbers until the production changeover. You will receive an updated order confirmation for existing orders whose part numbers have been changed. Please inform your incoming goods inspection teams accordingly.

In the future, we will be supplying the DC3500 with the new 7” display with the part numbers 33019 and 33020.

Should you wish to perform a replacement/migration for an existing system with/without RCP 3500 PoE please contact your sales contact or order the control panel directly using the order numbers 34026 or 34027.