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Simax gets FIT

Internal training

On Thursday 2 March, our entire Technology and Sales team went ‘back to school’ for our internal training scheme, FIT. On this occasion, we invited an external expert speaker to share their knowledge.

This all-day acoustics training event focused on further expanding the participants’ knowledge of room and electroacoustics as well as examining specific aspects of planning and project planning for voice alarm systems (VA/PA / SEP).

Modern architecture and the challenges involved in implementing voice alarm systems also require specialist personnel to continually expand their expertise.
The subsequent discussion offered the chance to discuss individual questions relating to the system solutions among the team.
The training provided the perfect preparation for collaborating with our installation personnel, so as to offer expert advice and the best possible sound solution for any project.

Topics in the acoustics training:

  • Identifying difficult room acoustics
  • Point sources vs line sources
  • Solutions for marginal reverberation time RT60
  • Line sources in practice
  • Analysis of rooms, room impulse response
  • Strategy for computer simulations
  • Changes to normative requirements and specifications

Many thanks to our external speaker Mr Richard Merget (RM AUDIO-ENGINEERING).