Certified „Accredited Known Consignor“ of Federal Office of Aviation (Luftfahrtbundesamt LBA)

03/19/2015 JOB-Group Detectomat
  • Now it`s official for all our partners and customers: Within the Job Group, Job Detectomat GmbH is officially certified as Accredited Known Consignor according to directive (EG) No. 300/2008, registration no. DE/KC/0198501/0320

    The German Federal Office of Aviation, as Federal Authority, division Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), is caring for flight safety „long before the flight itself“. In this position, more than 1000 oversight capacities eg., Certification, Authorisation or Supervisory will be followed, providing a high security standard in aviation.

    To become a Known Consignor, the company needs to fulfill certain statury requirements and has to apply for the corresponding authorisation at the Federal Office of Aviation.This admission procedure also includes on-site inspection of the production facilities, located in Germany. Succeeding the procedure, the Federal Office of Aviation will provide the company with the requested certification. Additionally, the production facilities will be listed in the data base of the European Union of Supply Chain Security. This entry is to be considered as verification towards all other involved parties of supply chain. The company is also subject to ongoing inspections through the authority and is obliged to maintain the security standards.

    Since March 4th, 2015, the Job Group succeeded in certification and is able to provide a certified and secure supply chain for their airfreight. Therefore, all transports via airfreight will be operated without any additional security checks at the airport. This is a big advantage as there are no additional costs nor delay in security checks.

    Obtaining the certification through the Federal Office of Aviation, the following arrangements have been made in advance: 

    • On-site, a separated area was arranged for arfreight only.
    • Staff, in charge of air freight, attended at corresponding traing courses
    • Establishment of all relevant processes

    Creating all the relevant preconditions, the Job Group successfully passed the audit by the Federal Office of Aviation.

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