Information on S216001 system accreditation for the dc3500

04/25/2016 Company Partner News JOB-Group Detectomat
  • VdS has confirmed the system compatibility of the  re alarm components in line with key points set out in EN54-13 and VdS 2489. On the basis of these test specifications, the  dc3500 was tested with a higher sensitivity to wire breakage. This includes a situation where alongside one wire break, another occurs which is within tolerances.

    This scenario simulates the fault occurrence at 1.9 times the norm. The system measurement  is approximately ten times more sensitive to the electrical values required on the loop line.  We set up a special configuration option for this topic with our new system software, V3.2. 

    The system is pre-programmed as standard so that the new sensitivity is tested by the programming and a corresponding calibration is carried out. For individual cases with conventional conditions, this setting can be deactivated with an acknowledgement and commissioning can be carried out as usual without calibration.



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