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02/03/2021 Partner news Company Detectomat
  • Already with the system software version 3.5, the range of functions of the DC3500 fire alarm control panel was considerably extended.
    This version offers the possibility of forming a network of up to 32 devices supported by components from IFAM, for example 31 DC3500 fire alarm control panels plus one FAT.
    Of course, for this technology, the components must be provided with unified basic software that optimally supports the ICX protocol and enables the additional features. For the IFAM components, this can be ensured via the PROG4000 tool.

    Here is an overview of the functions of version 3.5:

    • Up to 31 fire alarm control panels can be networked
    • Up to 496 different control panels can be integrated into the network structure 
    • Combination of structures with non-system devices is possible 
    • Cable routes made of copper cable, fiber optic cable (LWL), and also as a combination possible
    • Manufacturer-independent extensions are possible, where the information of the entire system is displayed 
    • Free address assignment for network participants
    • Simple updates of existing CON-Xnet structures
    • Remote access via the IRAS system 
    • Effective adaptation of the network configuration (displays, restrictions, control events, etc.) without hardware effort
    • VdS recognition

    With the new release of version 3.5.2, a new analysis method, Smart SCAN, is supported in addition to the network structure. Smart SCAN is an optional read-in process for detectors in existing installations, which works independently of the contact resistances of the detectors. This option helps when read-ins processes are not possible or not successful and is optimized for detectors with short-circuit isolators (PL 3300..) and an installation without T-branches. With this new technology, Detectomat creates the basis for even better support when migrating existing installations and systems.

    Further innovations in software 3.5.2:

    • Switching on detectors in a switched-off zone
    • If a zone is switched off, individual detectors of this zone can now be switched on. The zone switch-off is cancelled and the detectors of this zone that are still switched off are displayed as individual switch-offs.
    • Revision despite deactivation
    • If detectors of a zone are switched off, this group can now be set to revision. The FACP remembers which detectors were switched off. When the revision for this detector zone is terminated, the previously deactivated detectors remain deactivated.
    • Loop device swap
    • Monitoring is now not active in the factory settings. This reduces communication on the loop, which reduces the susceptibility to interference.

    The dpt as well as the installer and operating instructions can be found as usual in the protected partner area of our homepage. 

    created by Haluk Yüksek

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