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New software for the DC3500

With version 3.5 or higher of the software suite, the DC3500 fire alarm control panel benefits from a wealth of new and upgraded functions.

For instance, this version can be used in conjunction with components supplied by IFAM to create a network of up to 32 devices – e.g. 31 of the DC3500 fire alarm control panels (FACP) plus one fire brigade indicating panel (FBIP).

Of course, an essential prerequisite for this technology upgrade is the provision of comprehensive basic software for the components that provides optimum support for the ICX protocol and is compatible with the additional features. The PROG4000 tool is the perfect way to do this for the IFAM components.

Here is an overview of the functions offered by version 3.5:

Up to 31 fire alarm control panels can be networked
Up to 496 different operating units can be integrated into the network structure 
Combination of structures with external systems possible 
Line paths made of copper cable, fibre optic cables (FOC) and also combinations possible
Manufacturer-independent expansions possible, in which the information of the overall system is displayed 
Free address assignment for the network devices
Easy updates of existing CON-Xnet structures
Remote access via the IRAS system 
Effective adjustment of the network configuration (displays, restrictions, control events, etc.) without hardware expenses
VdS approval

The newly released version 3.5.2 not only supports the network structure but also a new analysis tool, SmartScan. This is an optional reading-in process for detectors in existing systems that operates independently of the detector transfer resistance. This option is useful if reading-in processes fail or are not possible, and is optimised for detectors with a loop isolator (e.g. PL 3300) and installations without a T-branch. With this new technology, Detectomat has established a basis for even greater support when migrating existing installations and systems.

Other new features in software version 3.5.2:

Activation of detectors in a deactivated zone
If a detector zone is deactivated, individual detectors in this zone can now be activated. The zone deactivation is cancelled and the detectors in this zone that are still deactivated are displayed individually.
Revision even if deactivated
If detectors in a zone are deactivated, this zone can now be set to revision mode. The FACP records which detectors were deactivated. When revision for this detector zone is complete, the previously deactivated detectors are deactivated again.
Interchangeability of loop devices
Monitoring is now inactive in the factory settings. This reduces communication on the loop, which in turn decreases the likelihood of faults.

The DPT and the installer and operating instructions can be found in the password-protected partner lounge on our website as usual.