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The new DPT version 15.2.14037.0 is available for download in the protected area of ​​the Detectomat homepage. This includes firmware V3.5.5 for the DC3500 control panels with new network features and security patches.

As a manufacturer of software-based fire alarm systems, we point out to check the status of the control panel software during each maintenance or inspection and, if a current update is available, to perform it. For this purpose, it is necessary to always use the latest version of the DPT.

As of now, the DPT with the panel version V3.5.5 is available for download on our homepage. This version supports several new functions and contains the latest security patches:

  • Time management summer/winter time
  • Extended Con-Xnet functionality, such as:

• Switching off and switching on of groups, detectors and alarm zones
• Targeted reset of any FCP in Con-Xnet
• Cross-panel cause and effects - new sources (detectors; modules; alarming devices)
• Delay of alarm forwarding possible across panels
• New input definitions in Con-Xnet
• ABT4000 (IFAM) can be used as a universal repeater control unit across panels
• Con-Xnet functionality can be activated/deactivated in the system parameters

  • Latest security patches.

The technical support team is available to provide further information.