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Easy to use – apprentice training at GST

Wherever electronic communication and safety systems are being planned and installed, you will find electronic engineers who specialise in information technology and telecommunications. But to become an expert in this field, first you need to undergo thorough training. 

Two trainees at the company Gesellschaft für Sicherheitstechnik mbH (GST) based in Mülheim, Germany are almost over the finish line as they complete their third year of their apprenticeship focusing on safety technology. To prepare for their upcoming exams and gain further expertise in the field of fire alarm technology, they completed a test training session on commissioning and operating a Detectomat DC 3500 fire alarm control panel. 

The participants first got to grips with the basics of the 3000 system. All components, such as loop modules, connection schematics, overviews of the detector and base, sounders and flashing lights were presented and explained in a training video. 

This was followed by an introduction to the basics of the DC 3500 fire alarm control panel. From the operating concept to the performance features of the DC 3500, through to the redundancy concept, commissioning steps, licences and DPT software, along with instructions on parametrising modules and systems, automatic configuration and quick start-up – the training videos provided an easy-to-understand overview of all this and more. 

As well as watching the videos, the apprentices from GST were tasked with putting special training versions of the DC 3500 control panel into operation step by step without any assistance. By the end of the training session, both participants were able to program and operate the fire alarm control panels independently.

The two trainees were won over by the easy operation of the DC 3500, and their positive experience reaffirmed our commitment to expanding our range of online training. 

Thank you to GST for their unreservedly positive feedback and great cooperation!