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Transforming production

Detectomat introduced lean management in 2019. The ultimate aim is to continuously improve the production processes for our fire alarm system technology, in particular the visual and thermal smoke detectors of the PL, CT and HD series. A further goal is to improve delivery performance.

With this in mind, we have also transferred the smoke detector calibration tunnel from the Ahrensburg site to China. Having devised a new production concept with our French partners, we went on to reorganise the production hall layout. For this new smoke detector production concept, the two configuration lines in Ahrensburg were positioned such that they can be supplied from four assembly locations. The redesign also includes new ergonomic assembly locations that debut the use of ionised air to stop dust and dirt from sticking to surfaces.

The result is a highly flexible and efficient production line for our smoke detectors. By implementing Kanban principles and eliminating unnecessary transport times and the storage of semi-finished products, we have been able to decrease the throughput time in the production facility from five days to just one. This optimisation gives us a high degree of flexibility and enables us to turn around deliveries quickly. At the same time, we have been able to more than double our throughput in terms of quantity.

All in all, the outcome for our production capacity is:

  • Improved efficiency and flexibility
  • Unit production more than doubled
  • All detector variants can be assembled at the same assembly locations
  • Throughput time reduced by 80%
  • Better traceability thanks to introduction of Kanban