Heat alarm

HDv 3000 TS
Art-Nr.: 32727

Intelligent stand-alone-heat alarm for fire detection at an early stage and for local alarm for the use in private homes and the institutional housing industry as well as environments with difficult conditions such as kitchens or bathrooms.

  • Integrated interface for wireless connection and other additional modules for the extension of the functions within a system
  • Integrated piezo buzzer for loud acoustic alarm (>85 dB)
  • Hush function according to EN 14604 to surpress the accusitc signal for 10 minutes
  • Intelligent analysis and disruption mode for the elimination of false alarms
  • Easy activation of the hush- and testfunction via LED mechanic
  • Annotation of maintenance and service events via optical and acoustic signal
  • Complies with the industral standards according to IPC A-610 class 2
  • Suitable for different fixing types such as screw or adhesive pad fixing
  • Easy assembly of the detctor into the base via click-in technology
  • Integrated locking option for the protection against removal and tamper
  • Suitable for environments with difficult conditions such as kitchens or bathrooms.
Supply Voltage 9 V battery
Ambient Temperature -10°C bis +60°C normaler Betrieb bei: +15°C bis +25°C
Humidity max. 95% (not condensing)
Protection class IP 30
Weight appr. 114 g
Material ABS, Glass
Sensortyp Thermal
Acoustic alarm 3 kHz + 0,5 kHz; > 85 dB (A) in 3 m distance
Self test function Batterie Low Test all 40 s: Red LED flashing along with simultaneous acoustic signal
Function display Flash 3 mm x all 43 s;
Check Soundertest: Red LED flashing all 0,5 s for the time the test button is pressed, loud interuppted signal
Connectivity Yes
Air speed < 20 m/s
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