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Alarms in commercial buildings must be especially efficient and economical useful. Planners, installers and operators expect alarming strategies, with which they can react individually to structural requirements.

The base for a reliable alarm is a long-lasting, uninterrupted and distinct signal for a sufficient time. To support this base, many national rules and norms require an alarm signal interruption freedom for a period of 30 min (MLAR). The alarm concepts of the system detect 3000 from JOB Detectomat are based on these principles and integrate well pioneering technology providing a secure and convenient alerts.

There are several opportunities for an efficient alarming strategy . The choice of the presented concepts is dependend of the specific requirements of the project and the demands of architects, designers and fire services.

Basic Alarm

The proven stub technology offers significant advantages:

  • The signalling device cables are monitored by the fire control panel
  • The connection of different signalling devices in high quantities is possible without any problems
  • The realization of the cabelling is simple and cost-efficient

Smart Alarm

For further optimization of the cabelling, it is possible, to use a second pair of wires in the same cable for the alarm lines.

Comfort 1 Alarm

In buildings with many of fi re compartments, an optimal alarm can be achieved in the individual sections by the distribution of externally supplied energy. This can be achieved via control modules which include a power supply. Advantages of this alarming solution:

  • No requirement of fire restistant cables towards the industrial fi re compartments
  • No requirement of an E30 housing
  • The connection of different signalling devices in high quality is possible without any problems
  • Effective coordination of power supplies

Comfort 2 Alarm

The Loop-controlled alarm via the signalling device family CONUS is fully performed over the Loop line. In this case the Loop cable is used for the detection and alarm. 

The technical features and the unique emission characteristic of:

  • One single line for detection and alarm functions for easy handling during installation
  • Up to 25 CONUS to MLAR - regardless of the software version of the dc3500, see Premium 1 and 2 Alarm
  • There are only acoustic alarms connectable
  • Mixed operation with the other alarm concepts is possible

Premium 1 Alarm

With the version 3.2 of the fire detection panel generation of dc3500 JOB Detectomat provides additional features for the Loop-controlled alarm functions inside the system:

  • Additional to the CONUS Sounder thereĀ“s the opportunity to use CONUS optical/acoustical combi signalling devices
    (up to 30 CONUS sounder, up to 10 CONUS combination - depending on the Loop structure
  •  The signal transmitter can be programmed in time dependencies and associated alarm scenarios

Premium 2 Alarm

The further development of the alarming concept that will be used with version 3.3 of the dc3500 is an improved Loop-controlled signalling device. This concept will make it possible to connect up to 126 different devices of the CONUS family on the Loop and to supply them with energy.

In addition to the acoustic and optical / acoustic CONUS devices then this series will be additionally available to realize voice alarming.

Via the dc3500 the CONUS devices can be controlled timely staggered and different sound and speech signals can be selected. This gives you the option for an individual adaptation to the respective alarm application.

More alarm solutions, such as the transmission to paging systems, the interaction with voice alarm systems (VAS) and the connection to telephone systems are ensured via the interfaces of the fire control panel dc3500.


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