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Dow Chemical Company in Stade

  • Stade, Germany

  • Industrial Buildings

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    The Dow Chemical Company is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. At the plant in Stade especially salt from the nearby salt mines is processed to hydrogen, sodium hydroxide and chlorine in a electrolytic method. While hydrogen and sodium hydroxide solution are processed and sold, the chlorine is processed exclusively in-house. However, substances such as ethylene and propylene as well as methanol, acetate, phenol and aniline are refined in Stade to finished products.

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    Where people work with such hazardous substances, the safety has a great importance, and so does fire protection. It is not astonishing that the company DOW has given the responsibility of the entire fire alarm system technology to the local installation experts and detectomat its premium partner CEE GmbH who partners with Detectomat already since 1996. Since then, the focus has been set to manufacturers of fire alarm systems and technology. By working closely together, the entire fire alarm system at DOW was revised, stabilized and continuously optimized. As a result of this relation the rate of the false alarm was reduced by at least 50%. In Addition, several real fires were reliably detected already in the initial phase of fire and could be extinguished in the fastest way and without severe interuptions of the plant. In earlier days would these fires would have caused a shutdown of the entire production plant. Thanks to CEE and our Fusion detectors.

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