About us

We believe in who we are and what we do. No compromise in safety.

Qualified for competence

What do we mean by this? To be competent means to be able to do something specific. To respond to different needs and solve problems. Whether these are challenges of fire protection in the industry or solutions for the residential segment. We are qualified. This qualification we are able to implement. In this we are competent.

What we stand for - Made in Germany

"Made in Germany "is more than a simple designation of origin. The slogan is a globally recognized label and therefore a promise and a standard at the same time. The label is a demand at home and abroad and perceived as top quality from Germany; and we work accordingly today and tomorrow to support this label.

As one of the leading safety provider in Germany we develop, produce and sell high quality products and complete system solutions in the field of fire protection and surpression. We do not only stand for what is technologically possible, but for what is technologically useful. Resting on a declaration of origin, is not our goal: The safety systems and components "Made in Germany" are suitable for many applications from temperature release elements to fire detection technology and comply to many international quality standards and rules. They allow to use technologically advanced fire protection and supression systems efficiently and sustainable. Also in the field of ​​component supplies in the most demanding systems or assemblies, our products from Ahrensburg are well established.

What we can do - Easy to use technology

The team of engineers and specialists carefully developed technologically advanced, easy-to-use solutions, that are tailored to the specific requirements of the customer and yet conquer the dangers of fire. The products and solutions are hundred percent reliable, easy to install and operate and have a noticeable added value for the customers.

Simply incorporates new functions, that have never been enough for JOB. Our solutions and products are easy to install and very durable.

That's the way we are - service at its best

When we say maximum service orientation, it’s not just words but our attitude. And that is far more than just the service work. Our customers all have different requirements because of very individual end user demands. We are constantly learning and keep our promises, that we give in our solutions and in consulting sessions. We live partnerships, and involve our partners early in the planning phase. This interaction is what makes a long-term, trusting and honest business relationship for us. With service we also understand to support our customers in their challenges with our wide range of technical skills and capabilities.

What you can expect: Our employees recognize the needs of customers from different industries, they also understand what demands are finally required and offer the best solutions to this. Promised.

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