Our philosophy

Respect and diversity

Detectomat GmbH is a member of the DEF Network team and contributes to the success of the company as a whole.
We treat people with mutual respect and trust, regardless of their background or personal status, within and outside the company.



Genuine and effective cooperation requires genuine and effective relationships between the company and its staff, partners and customers.
Clear structures and traceable processes form the basis of transparency and mutual trust.



We establish trust with and among all stakeholders through our experience, our high quality standards and by meeting our obligations and keeping our promises.
We are committed to competence and safety.



We listen to our employees, partners and customers. This is the key to developing useful and practical solutions.
By embodying a culture of open communication and fostering mutual acceptance, we build the foundations of successful cooperation.



Companies are made of people – and to us, every person is an entrepreneur.
Through their personal commitment, their enthusiasm for their work and their desire to continually improve, each individual makes a vital contribution to achieving our common goal.