Interconencting fire detection systems

CON-X 3500 - the flexible dimension

When building complexes change, the fire detection system has to be able to respond to those changes flexibly. Often the challenge is connecting tried-and-tested fire detection systems with new systems.

Thanks to CON-X 3500, now for the first time multiple systems, even from different manufacturers, can be interconnected and the signals can be processed in line with EN 54-13. CON-X 3500 can also be used to connect to the fire brigade as an initial point of information.

CON-X 3500 is the basis for interconnecting the detect 3004plus and DC 3500 systems and ensures smooth operation. With CON-X 3500, customers have the option to add to or replace systems as desired without sacrificing performance.

CON-X 3500 is based on EN 54-13, which governs the compatibility and connectivity of system components. Extensive testing has shown CON-X 3500 to be a system where the future is already built in.

Integrating and modernising systems

All standard-relevant messages can be processed and displayed centrally using modern switch assemblies and ring-shaped topologies for wiring.

Up to 16 components can be connected in a ring-shaped topology. These components could be  detect 3004plus and DC 3500 fire control panels, as well as central control and display units (FIBS4000/GMT4000) and other adapters for special functions (such as ESPA).

The events across all components are compiled at this level and logistics for fire service teams are simplified. A central response to individual events can be coordinated and corresponding control functions, such as thoserelevant for the fire brigade, can be triggered.

With CON-X, the compatibility of the different system families is ensured. Different control and display elements offer the option of finding the right solution for specific customer requirements.

Additional interfaces make it possible to incorporate central control and display elements to make buildingmanagement and visualisation easier.

The Components

GMT 4000

Control and display panel for plain-text display of all messages accumulating in the network.

Displays alarms, faults, technical messages and statuses.

Mimic LED

Output module for activating LEDs on the mimic panel.

Individual detectors or modules can be visualised in this way.

Relay and output modules

Activation of technical systems for lifts, smoke flaps, ventilation systems, heating systems, doors and windows.

ESPA module, ESPA 4.4.4 and ESPA-X

Connection of paging systems for silent alarm triggering via emergency response personnel.

Local alarm triggering.


ADP4000 Adapter > activation of DC 3500

ADP4000/232 Adapter > activation of detect 3004plus

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