The new EN 54-3 compliant signalling device

ADDED-VALUE SIREN... the fitting term for the new multi-tone CONUS II siren.

The volume of the 41 signal tones, which can be individually adjusted in four levels, delivers an optimised  Acoustic alarm, even in situations where it really needs to be truly loud.

The product range is being expanded once again with the new loop-controlled CONUS II. As a connected loop Device, the acoustic signalling device seamlessly joins the CONUS product family.

Flexible for any situation

Every building’s individual hazards are significantly infl uenced by the building type and how the building is used. Reliable alarm triggering requires optimally coordinated processes.

In connection with the DC 3500* fire control panel, individual signal tones can be used to implement different alarm scenarios, such as fire alarm, evacuation, panic alarm and other building-specific alarms.

When it really matters....’s good to have reserves!

Thanks to the integrated battery, which has an average service life of eight years, the CONUS II can also function as a standalone device.

This additional energy source reduces the necessary energy requirement on the loop and allows for 100% uninterrupted alarm triggering in the event of an incident.

If an alarm is triggered, the battery automatically supplies the required power for the acoustic alarm without interruptions.

A wire breakage or short circuit on the loop, repeated faults as a result of a fire and even a total failure of the loop will not aff ect the triggered alarm. Due to the decentralised supply of power to the

signalling device, an F30 fire protection housing and cabling with functional integrity are not needed for the acoustic alarm trigger1. The material and installation costs are significantly reduced and operational security is increased at the same time.

Space for two....

... under one ceiling. The integrated detector base, when installed in the ceiling, can hold one series PL fire detector. There are no additional costs for installing the fire detector. If the detector is replaced, only the detector head needs to be handled, rather than the entire unit. If the CONUS II is intended for operation without an automatic detector, the detector base is closed with a decorative cap. The modular design with a base plate allows for complete pre-wiring even while the building is still being constructed.

Your advantages

  • Construction product as per EN 54-3 with synchronised Signal output
  • Energy reserves – the integrated long-life battery guarantees an uninterruptible alarm at all times even in the event of a wire breakage or short circuit on the loop, thereby meeting (M)LAR requirements
  • Integration in the Loop 3000 topology and permanent monitoring as per DIN VDE 0833-2
  • Alarm trigger not aff ected by repeated loop interruption as per DIN VDE 0833-2 or complete failure of the loop
  • Integrated detector base for holding series PL fire detector
  • No F30 fire protection housing (depending in the building and the Alarm concept in place) and cabling with functional integrity required thanks to the decentralised supply to the signalling device
  • Four programmable volume levels
  • 41 different signal tones including DIN ton 33404
  • Four different alarm Scenarios
  • Wall and ceiling installation with base plate for pre-wiring during construction phase

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