Performance spectrum fire detectors

The perfect solution for every application

Learn more about our complete range of services in the field of fire alarm. From optical and thermal fire detectors through to complex multi-sensor detectors. They all have one thing in common: Every product and service that we create is always made with the user in mind.

We are continually challenging ourselves in every work aspect, as to how we can make our solutions even safer, in order to provide perfect protection for people and their assets. The illustrated detectors use state-of-the-art technology and are scalable to almost any degree. Are you already planning an office building with hundreds of detectors? Do you need to provide fire protection for a warehouse? No problem, our fire protection solutions can be tailored exactly for the intended property. The Loop 3000 provides you with a comprehensive system for fast and reliable fire detection, alarm sounding and operation. Our products represent reliable and quick fire detection, high user-friendliness and low maintenance costs.




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The generalists - For almost every application

Whether in the hotel business, industry or public buildings – our detector product category covers a wide range of applications. The PL 3300 O optical detector, for example, can be used in areas where no operational air turbidity occurs. This includes such diverse buildings as offices, hotels and short-stay accommodation, hospitals, sales outlets, museums, train stations and airports.

It’s no coincidence that optical smoke detectors are the most frequently used automatic fire detectors. Because they have distinct advantages: They react extremely quickly to smouldering plastic, open fires and flames from flammable liquid emissions. The thermal detectors operate through a thermal measuring unit. They will either sound their alarm upon exceeding a certain threshold or according to the principle of temperature change. That means, the alarm sounds if the temperature varies within a certain timeframe. In this way, thermal detectors recognise and signal flames at a very early stage, even in challenging environmental conditions.

The all-rounder - when things get difficult

The OTi detector range is the all-round fire detector; especially when designers and builders are faced with complex specifications under difficult conditions; or with special legal requirements or object-specific fire protection requirements such as those for prisons, residential homes and all buildings with special evacuation and safety regulations.

Intelligent optical-thermal multi-sensor detectors are the perfect choice for the early and reliable detection of flames, even in challenging environmental conditions. The multi-sensor technology makes the detectors insensitive to disturbances. At the same time, they are particularly sensitive. The multi-sensor technology analyses different light spectrums and correlates the results algorithmically with one another. This allows flames to be detected at an early stage. The technology even detects pollution or condensation and assimilates it accordingly. This minimises false alarms.

Design - aesthetics meets functionality

Whether for a new 5 star hotel, those prestigious company headquarters or that trendy gallery – nowadays fire protection needs to blend in with your surroundings; because the way that function and design work together will ultimately determine your user acceptability.

The requirements for modern fire protection design are: as much design as necessary, as much technology as possible. JOB Dectomat’s well-designed detectors can be integrated with any type of building. They are discreet and ageless as the components generally last for many years. Users are quickly discouraged by detectors which are only based on short-lived trends.

The equipment

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