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ISO 9001 certification calls for the implementation of a quality management system (QMS) that is based on detailed and standardised normative requirements. The principle of an ISO 9001 QMS is to continually increase customer satisfaction, as well as improving and ensuring product and service quality.

Certification by an external body is divided into two parts. Upon successful completion of the ISO 9001 certification process, a certificate is issued that must be re-applied for every three years. The certification body also conducts yearly monitoring – in our case, this is carried out by the Association of Loss Insurers (Verband der Schadenversicherer, VdS).

Even before the ISO 9001 specification was introduced, Detectomat has always applied the most stringent quality requirements to its development and production activities. These self-imposed, exacting demands relate to product quality, service, and customer satisfaction. These processes have always been monitored internally and undergo continuous improvement.

With years of successful practice under our belts and an awareness of our responsibility to ensure quality in safety technology, we will continue to verify these credentials in future through yearly internal and external audits.


In 2019 we began the process of overhauling the production site in Ahrensburg and introducing the lean management concept. These measures embody our commitment to top quality, controlled and monitored processes, trained staff and an in-house quality management system.