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Hotel New York, Rotterdam



The Hotel New York in Rotterdam was built in 1901 as a hotel for immigrants at the Port of Rotterdam. From here, immigrants would embark on the journey by ship to New York. Nowadays, the carefully restored Art Nouveau building is a popular hotel among Rotterdam’s tourists.


Optimum protection is provided by 250 visual and 20 visual/thermal smoke detectors in combination with 40 manual call points, all centrally controlled via a detect 3016 fire alarm control panel. The sprinkler system is also connected to this control panel and coupled to the local house alarm. The reception hall where immigrants once waited for their ships and the restaurant were equipped with the stylish PL 3305 O detectors that add a visual highlight to the building.


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    Hotel New York Rotterdam

    Hotel New York in Rotterdam was built in 1901 as an immigrant hotel in the port of Rotterdam. From there started...

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