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Thermal detector

Thermal detector as limit value detector for early fire detection and alarm, with thermal measuring method according to EN 54-5 (class A1R)

Art-Nr.: 40290 | TRC05


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Product Information

  • Integrated professional temperature measurement system with highest safety for safe alarm verification
  • Reliable detection of static or dynamically increasing temperature values
  • Especially suitable for average ambient temperatures below +10° C
  • Static response temperature +62°C (+/- 3°)
  • Dynamic response temperature > 9°C / min
  • Alarm output for controlling a detector parallel display
  • Alarm indicator with red LED
  • Removal lock
  • Suitable for detector base series 05

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 13 V DC - 27 V DC
Quiescent Current 20-30 µA
Alarm Current 32 mA
Output 0 V in idle state / 3.3 V DC on alarm
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature +10°C to +50°C
Humidity 0,93
Protection Class IP 32
Weight 130 g
Material ABS
Color white
Standards EN 54-5 (Class A1R), EN 54-18
Remarks Detector base must be ordered separately
Dimensions (H x D) 56 x 104 mm (diameter)
Sensortyp Thermal
Rated Voltage 20 V DC

Certificates / Approvals

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